To improve the communication and knowledge transfers between the test center and the sprint teams as well as the overall quality, in my current project, there is currently an effort to promote pair-testing.

Here follows a short description that I written to outline the use and benefits of pair-testing

– Two testers (or more) test together on one machine. “The Driver” controls the keyboard and the mouse. “The Passenger” analyzes and comments on the testing

– Excellent for coaching and mentoring
– Knowledge transfer
– Often a very productive and creative way of testing

– A tester pair with another: tester, developer, business analyst or customer
– One person might pair with several persons over a day
– Switch between being “the Driver” and “the Passenger”
– Define a “test-mission” that focuses and delimits the test to avoid an ad-hoc approach
– Time-box each test-session

Prepare PT-Session
Create a “test-mission” by defining focus, scope and delimitations of the test
Decide on session length. A test-session could be 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the scope. Plan also for breaks
A tip could be to plan the meeting in for example Outlook

Execute PT-Session
During the session the pair tests according to the focus, scope and delimitations of the tests described in the Test-mission
One team member (the Driver) should be in control of the keyboard and mouse
The second team member thinks out-loud, asks questions, takes notes and gets the coffee

One Response to Pair-Testing

  1. nurulrazaad says:

    Nice post! What kind of software tools do you use to implement pair testing?

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