UPDATED: Simple Excel Dashboard to Monitor Test Progress

A while ago I posted an Excel-sheet that I have been using to manage the test case execution. I have recently done some updates that I like to share:

  • Tab ‘EXECUTION’: It is now possible to also enter Defects: BugId/TestRef; Status; Priority; Open Date; Close Date; Description/Comments
  • Tab ‘STATISTICS: The Stats on Defects are displayed in 5 graphs: Recent Defects; Defect/Status; Defects/Priority; Time to Close Defects; Invalid/Rejected
  • Tab ‘STATISTICS’: You can define Thresholds for the Test Progress trend. Based on the thresholds a Green, Amber or Red symbol is displayed to indicate “Overall Test Progress
  • Tab ‘RESOURCES’: I’ve added a tab where you can enter some parameters to make a basic test resource estimation

Refer to the old sheet for a more detailed description. You may download a copy here: TestProgressManager In return, please drop me comment and tell me how you like it it and if there are anything that could be improved.

The Excel sheet has been created in MS Office 2010. Earlier versions may not support all formulas and graphs.

40 Responses to UPDATED: Simple Excel Dashboard to Monitor Test Progress

  1. Would love a copy please!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. SpeedMaster says:

    Can send to me acopy please

  4. Satya says:

    Please send a copy

  5. Dude12345 says:

    Would love a copy as well!

  6. Fabien says:

    Hi Carl,

    Thanks for sharing that tool; could you please send me a copy? I’d like to see if I can use it for my tests follow-up…

  7. Jason Osborne says:

    Looks fantastic – can I have a copy please

  8. Couldbe Yue says:

    I’d love a copy too please:)

  9. David Jones says:

    Please forward a copy

  10. Carolina says:

    I would love a copy

  11. Thanongchai says:

    It is nice one. Please send me a copy : thanongchair@gmail.com

  12. venkatesh says:

    Nice article, can you send me the dashboard please.

  13. Elina Eli says:

    Great, would love a copy! Many thanks!

  14. hari says:

    Very nice, Please send me a copy

  15. Khan says:

    Looks cool! Can you please forward me a copy too? crores40y2k@gmail.com

  16. Turkka says:

    This looks awesome! If you are willing to share, please send a copy also for me. Thanks!

  17. Allan says:

    Please send me a copy

  18. Eoghan says:

    Hi Carl-Johann,
    Would you send me on this excel spreadsheet please?
    It looks fantastic and I really think it would be extremely beneficial to my project.. and save me a big headache too!😀

  19. Gopinathan says:

    I really like this. can you pls send the copy

  20. Zepur says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’d love a copy.

  21. Ankitha says:

    Can you please send me a copy top

  22. ideation says:

    Can I please get a copy? Many Many thanks! Zeo01@hotmail.com

  23. paul says:

    Would like a copy please, thanks.

  24. aamer247 says:

    Nice, would love a copy please!
    my email id is aamer.247@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance!

  25. Shabbir Ahmed says:

    It looks great!
    Please send me a copy as well.

    thank you for the nice work!

  26. Peter says:

    Please send me a copy.

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Hi Carl,
    Can you share me a copy.. Thanks in advance.. rajapages@hotmail.com

  28. Ankitha says:

    Very nice… can u please send me a copy tooo….

  29. Kshipra Singh says:

    Hi Carl, this will be a very useful dashboard for my project. Will greatly appreciate if you could share a copy of the excel. Thanks in advance

  30. cathy says:

    Its very nice. Could you please send me a copy too?

  31. Pankaj says:

    It is very nice. can you please send me a copy

  32. It looks very useful. Could I please have a copy? Many thanks.

  33. ian hughes says:

    Hi this looks perfect as a low-tech alternative and would suit my needs perfectly – could you send me a copy please.

  34. Toro says:

    Great dashboord, Could you please send me a copy? ro.mrs07@yahoo.co.id

  35. krishna says:

    hey looks cool.. pls share me a copy krishykool@gmail.com

  36. JeanLuc says:

    Hi Carl,
    Very good job!
    It will be vey kind of you to share a copy of the excel.
    Thanks in advance
    Jean Luc.

  37. Neo says:

    Thank you for sharing. May I receive a copy at businessintegrator@cox.net? Thanks in advance. Neo

  38. Javier says:

    Execellent job!!!! could you send me a copy.

  39. Elena says:

    Very useful dashboard, can you please send me a copy at wbistest@yahoo.ca , thanks in advance

  40. Looks interesting. Can you pl send me a copy. Thanks in advance.


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